the main thing

Ever been on the struggle bus? I seem to have an unlimited ride pass on it the last few weeks.

Don’t get me wrong. Things are good on this health journey. But sometimes, we have so many plates in the air that one (or seven) of them fall. Falling plates suck.

So I met my dad’s doctor (see previous post), and that was good. It’s cool to see my medical team come together. As I’ve said before, I’m willing to try anything to be well. I’ll eat vegetables. I’ll CrossFit like a boss. Heck…I’ll even drink less wine. Not much less…but less in general 🙂

Been doing all of the above. But life. Life has a way of humbling us, and making sure our priorities remain intact. My wife Theresa and I have 4 kids under our roof, and I’ve been beating myself up a little lately about the way I’ve been “dad-ing” lately. Taking care of myself, not the best care of those I’m charged to care for.

Humbled in terms of diet, too. I had the ambitious goal about a month ago to go vegan. What I learned was that, for me, I need to ease into this whole vegan lifestyle. I really like chicken. Just trying to eat less of it as we go to gradually lower my protein intake. This is hard, but not impossible.

But the main thing: joy. What the heck do we make positive changes for if we can’t find some joy. Know what I mean?

So…joy. I found it and was reminded of its importance this evening.  In all places, it was found in an old warehouse while doing squats at CrossFit West Salem. Laughing, making (appropriate-ish) jokes. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in all of this – tonight was the best time I’ve had in a while.

I share this to encourage you to find the joy. In the little stuff. Life is heavy, and dwelling on the heavy seems to me to be fruitless. The heavy stuff will find its way to us no matter what. We have to look for the joy.

Early on my health journey, I read something that had a lot of good content and suggestions relative to kidney health. To sum it up, it read something like “what we put in our bodies matters, what we get out of our bodies matters, how we treat our bodies matters”.

Treating our bodies well includes joy, and the pursuit of it. That reminder came just in the nick of time today.